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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
I have experience with White Lightning Clean Ride.

It washed off very easily at the first hint of water.

It was gone after riding one mile in wet grass.


I have more than 20 years experience riding with White Lightning and I have to say it doesn’t wash off at all. It can’t “wash off” as it is a wax and is completely water in soluble. Nor is it “gone after riding in...wet grass”. I’ve ridden all over the US in all kings of weather using it. It has done well in cold, snow, rain and mud. Yes, you have to reapply after riding in wet weather but you have to do that for oil based lubricants as well. Most people don’t realize that you have to do the same with oil but you do.

Originally Posted by stephr1 View Post
UPDATE: Just wanted to add here that I did find a review (albeit ~4 years old) on-line that compared White Lightning Clean Lube (or something similar with a slightly different name), Finish Line Dry and a few others. It seemed both were rated pretty good at longevity/durability and cleanliness, with Finish Line Dry lasting somewhat longer.

I'd still be interested in individual experiences and opinions. Thx.

Did find some threads that were more esoteric about chain lube but didn't find a specific topic related to this (I will admit I may not have looked as hard as I could have so just have a simple inquiry....(BTW - if there is such a fairly recent thread I'm happy to follow a link to it...thx).

I've been using White Lightning Dry lube (think it's called "Clean Ride" these days) which claims to have a wax-based lubricant (a few of the threads I found here did tout the benefits of wax lubring). I usually found it on sale at Performance Bike. When I needed to get more chain lube recently, White Lightning wasn't on sale but Finish Line Dry (which uses teflon as its lube component) was.

So, question is: which is better? Do you have experience with one or the other (or both is better) and what is your opinion about either?

Thx in advance and cheers......
I tried the Finish Line Dry a few years ago but I didn’t really like the result. One of the reasons I use the White Lightning is the cleanliness. The Finish Line was oilier and therefore dirtier. It left the chainrings only slightly cleaner than if I used Triflow.
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