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Originally Posted by jonwvara View Post
When I pack up the bike for travel, I remove the stem and handlebars from the steerer, then remove the fork. That involves freeing the cables from the brakes. If I leave the cables attached, I can't store the handlebars where they need to go in the package.

I'm trying to avoid the word "rinko" here, but that's basically what I'm doing. It works really well for me. I just don't like messing with the brake-cable connections
I've got SunTour XC Pro canti's on my S&S coupled touring bike. The hangars for the straddle cables are similar to the Weinmann centerpulls... the cross-section forms a "J", and the straddle cable fits in the curve at the bottom of the "J".
I've been able to remove the straddle cable, although it does require the brake cable to be bent a bit.
Here's a shot of the front brake....

Would this work for you?

Steve in Peoria
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