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Originally Posted by jonwvara View Post
Yes, something like that should work very well. As I noted in my previous post, in reply to The Golden Boy, I really should have been able to think this through on my own, but started off on the wrong foot by assuming something I shouldn't have. I tend to overthink things, but in this case I managed to underthink them. Thanks for the photo. I like the colors--what's the bike?
The SunTour hangars do lend themselves to straddle cable removal better than some others, .... such as the Weinmann hangars that I've used quite a lot. A little work with a file or dremel might take care of that, though. The SunTours do have the advantage of only needing one conventional wrench. Not sure how much that matters in daily life, though.

The frame was built by Rich Powers (sometimes seen on the I-Bob list), back around the year 2000. Nothing too fancy, but he was kind enough to indulge some of my desires for weird braze-on's.

Steve in Peoria
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