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Originally Posted by sen2two View Post
I normally ride once on the weekend. 30-40 miles. I did a couple 55 milers leading up to this. But nothing further.

I would also ride to work once a week to work. 23 miles each way.

I know this is not much compared to most riders on here. But I also ride the stationary bike for 60 minutes (HARD) before every workout I do off the bike. Which is almost everyday.

As I mentioned before though, I get the same cramps even if I hadnt ridden the bike. So the cramps are caused by a "workout". Not a specific type, ie; cycling. I am not trying to solve my cycling cramps. I'm trying to solve my cramping problem as a whole.

OK, next time you're building up to a century ...

1) Cycle comparatively more hills than you'll encounter in the century. Build up to that, of course.

In other words if the course is a 1.3 (relatively hilly for a century course), Cycle several 1.5 courses in preparation.*

2) Cycle up to75 miles rather than 55 miles. Plan so that you do a couple 75 mile rides in the weeks before the ride.

*Hills are calculated like this ...

If the number of metres of climbing on the route is 2000 metres, and the route is 160 km ...

2000/160000 = 0.0125 * 100 = 1.25

So if that's your century route, do some 80 km (50 mile) rides with 1200 metres of climbing. 1200/80000 = 0.015 * 100 = 1.5.

Increasing your fitness this way in cycling might help you in your other sports too.
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