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Originally Posted by jonwvara View Post
Thanks for the link. That was useful as well as entertaining.

I've been a dim bulb about this. I've never had a set of modern cantilevers before, and had somehow assumed that the Shimano-style straddle cable--where the brake cable itself goes through the center fitting and forms half of the straddle cable--was somehow specific to the Tektro brakes. If I'd taken the time to look more closely, I would have found (as I just confirmed) that a standard Dia-Compe-type single-ended straddle cable fits right into the Tektro calipers.

Now all I have to do is attach one of those j-shaped cable yokes to the brake cable. I assume that anything will work--Mafac, Dia-Compe, Weinman, whatever. I have tons of those kicking around. Then it's just a matter of unhooking one end of the straddle cable from the brake, and unhooking the yoke from the straddle cable to break things down for packing.

I can often figure out difficult problems on my own. It's the easy ones I need help with. Thanks again!
Glad you worked your way through this to solving your problem.

If you did end up wanting to mount a set of Dia-Compe cantis, Pork Chop BMX has 988 cantis for sale. 28 bucks a brake including all the small bits. Available in black, silver, gold, red, purple, and blue.

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