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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
No problem knowing who is included when you use the word "we." Nobody but yourself.
Who's included in the word, 'y'all' then?

BTW, GM does offer a service to car-free people - the opportunity to not be car-free.
That would be the conflict of interest, yes. It would be like a beer company sponsoring AA.

For those who choose not to own a car, the front door at every GM showroom has easy exit to the street as well as entry, as well as prominent displays of the products being sold so that nobody should be confused about what is being offered.
I just wonder whether they should be allowed to get into the bicycle and scooter business, or even ride-sharing for that matter. I think they could position themselves in the market in a way that allows them to make LCF more difficult in order to steer people toward car ownership.

Only a confused person walks into a GM showroom because he wants to be car-free.
The issue is preventing them from trying to once again stop a trend toward decreasing per capita car ownership. The automakers and dealerships need to allow car ownership to go down so that the roads will be less congested. If they keep thwarting the ability of people to conveniently LCF by interfering with things like bike- and scooter- sharing and ride-sharing, then we keep having to go back to square one with providing convenient alternatives to car ownership for transportation reform.
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