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Originally Posted by Davednconfused View Post
In addition to that - cycling just doesn't fit into the macho culture of the US. Very few adolescents dream of being professional cyclists. Most local programs that encourage cycling do so only as a means of commuting.
it depends on where you live. Same with triathlon, probably the fastest growing sport along with soccer. I talk to many parents who are looking for bikes for junior tri and bike racing.

cycling was big where I grew up, and we had proper coaching and I raced and went overseas as well. I also went to college and realized I would not make a living at bike racing but made enough to pay for school. I did have an advantage having family living overseas.

Back then riders really had no support if the team went belly up unlike now with financial bonds to cover salaries.

most of the guys I rode with had grade school educations and if the cycling thing didn't work it was back to the factory or mine or something. Motivation was high. Use of ped substances high. A whole different can of worms.

it is sobering what people will do when backed into a corner.

bottom line...there was base pay and then bonus money. You made money off bonus. Work incentives.

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