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Originally Posted by Honusms View Post
I would have posted this one in the French 3-speed thread, but ... itís no longer a 3-speed.

I picked this one up from French eBay as a knock-around project. I think it was the chain guard that drove the impulse decision. It arrived either poorly packed or was the victim of US Customs searches (Customs tape all over the box). The front fender was crushed flat and the pump was about to escape through a hole in the box. I donít know if the manufacturer was Mongilardi or if the bike just acquired some decals, but I really donít care. Itís quite solid, yet light. Nervex lugs and bottom bracket shell. It came with a Simplex Prestige (mostly plastic) derailleur stuck on so that I had to disassemble it in order to turn the wing nuts to remove the rear wheel. Thereís a rough area under the right chainstay that could be where there was a hole for a bell crate derailleur spring. Wheels were lovely chromed (heavy) Liotard steel. The 3-speed 20-26 freewheel provided an easy leisurely ride. Not really what I wanted. But it would not budge even with thermal wrench and punch and hammer treatment.

So I built some wheels with a set of Normandy Luxe competition hubs I had and some alloy rims and installed a 5-speed 14-26 freewheel. I replaced the ugly derailleur with a Campy Gran Sport. The Simplex shift lever will be replaced eventually. I didnít have a prettier one in my parts box. So itís no longer a 3-speed. It is a wonderful ride, very peppy and responsive to turn suggestions. But also very comfortable and stable. I added a front rack because Iím addicted to handlebar bags. So now I have my neighborhood cruiser with a French accent

Very nice! What tires are you using?
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