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Resilion Renaissance

Originally Posted by rhm View Post
Oy! Have they been powder coated? I'd like to see more detail on how your cable is set up. Looks like some original hardware with new cables and housing?

You can fit new brake pads into those holders. There's room for two standard coolstop blocks in each one, I know cuz I've done it.
There are two types. A compact version that doesn't handle the 'piston and sleeve' return spring design owing to the compressed arc of the cantilever . I swapped out the piston and sleeve arrangement for a expansion spring (green spring in the foto) anchored to the cross bar by a spoke nipple.
The splitter was the hardest thing to rebuild. But once I realized the cantilever and the splitter are two independent outer /cable arrays I was able to have brand new cables and outers thru the entire loom.
I uses Razor insert pads that are 10 bucks for 10 and they slide straight in. I use old SS rims that have very little clesrence for bigger pads.

Razor inserts do the job on a tight fit.

Looks simple enough but took me ages to figure out how to refurbish wiithout lead crimping. So now all the cabling can brand new.

Expansion spring works the tight arc of the cantilever of these compact one-piece Resilions much better than the traditional spring piston/ cylinder arrangement that works on the bigger floating arm cantilevers of the traditional much more common Resilion that I have on my Sunbeam.
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