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Well, I suppose eating is a hobby of mine, especially lunch.

It doesn't get in the way of bikes and riding, though. On the contrary, it is the number one incentive for a ride ("let's go have lunch in/at/with <preference of the day>").

I do like buying bikes.

One reason is fairly obvious: that Christmas morning feeling I get when I have just acquired a bike of yet another obscure brand and am racing home to get a closer look, find out what it is I have bought and share the finds here.

The other was a bit of a surprise, but has become just as important: I get to meet a lot of nice and interesting people. I usually pick up the bikes I've bought and, more often than not, spend a significant amount of time talking to the seller. About the bike in question, about bikes in general, about events, about racing careers, about bike collections, about tools. I have learned a lot, made new friends, and have also been "gently persuaded to leave" by sellers' spouses more than once ...
"I spent half my money on bikes and women. The other half I wasted."
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