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Originally Posted by CV-6 View Post
Based on the 531 decal, after 1973. Prior to 1979 on the other end. Those decals could have been left over but the overall characteristics of the frame tend to put the end range date on it. The cutouts in the lugs are indicative of a top of the line frame. Carré built for a lot of brands, but until this frame, I never saw another brand other than Lejeune having the seat stay cable guide as pointed out by bertinjim.
Thank you so much for all the info! It has always been so special to me but knowing nothing about its history was sad. I begged the guy that sold it to me to put me in contact with his dad who gave it to him but he formally refused to talk to him. Now i know a lot more and i love it even more. I always thought it was built by a "mason" or so. Especially with the "fabrication francaise" decal with the hammer, there something magic about this bike... Well, now i know who built it and i get a confirmation that its special. I was offered money for it several times back in Montreal, i always said even a few thousands dollars wouldnt convince me. Im so glad i held on to it. Thank again! You made my day

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