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Originally Posted by rickbuddy_72 View Post
I live out in the boonies and can't regularly work out at the track. Outdoors, I have flat, empty spaces to practice starts, but I bruise my wrists with my current bars. I know there were road bars that didn't give me that problem back when I raced three decades ago. Do any of you know of road bars bent so they won't interfere with my wrists?

This is even more important now, during trainer season. I just picked up an H2 direct-drive trainer and found that it is pretty good for start practice. But, as discussed in a recent thread, the H2 won't accept track-bike dropouts; the stays are too narrow. So I'm trying to adapt my road bike to something more like the way my track bike is set up.

Thank you,

FSA Wings work pretty well for me - nice for road riding but decent for standing starts.
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