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Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post

This is a bit of thread diversion, but maybe useful to anyone considering the Down East coast.

Perhaps describing this stretch of Rt 1 as "dangerous" is over the top. Just a note of caution that as it's the only thru route for commercial traffic, it can get busy. Not much shoulder in many spots either. There's a decent alternative on the marked State Bike Rt 1, here:

As well, from Ellsworth to Ayers Junction there's the Down East Sunrise Trail. 85 miles, gravel Rail Trail. Completely skips Rt 1, though it meets up in a few places, near Columbia Falls, and at Machias.
I rode that stretch north of Camden once, that was scary, at least to me.

The OP asked about islands, not the interior of Maine...

But parts of that should be helpful. Speaking of which, it goes close to where you turn to go down the Schoodic peninsula.

There are a lot of details that get left out, if the OP has more questions, don't hesitate, and if I don't respond, shoot me a message or something.

Camden isn't an island, but it's a pretty coastal town. It's my favorite place to take a day off the bike in Maine. You can easily walk the town. Hike Mt Battie early in the morning, and watch the mist rise off the bay. Some days that is just lovely. There is a cheap but good motel as you come into town, Cedar Crest. There's a bunch of good restaurants in town, but be sure to check out the grocery store in the center of town. They have good sandwiches, fruit, and stuff.
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