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Bikes: Elvish/B. Carré circa 1970, Shimano Norta Aero 1981, Shimano Aero AX 1981

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Originally Posted by bertinjim View Post

I would think a very late 1960s or early 1970s production for your Carre/Lejeune/Elvish due to production details. Your bike's production details are similar to this Carre/Lejeunne:

There are further details here at Classic Factory lightweights including what is possibly Jan Janssen's TdF bike by Carre. Glad you are getting the background to the bike that the originally seller cannot or will not provide. Be aware that bikes were often re-decaled to suit racers who changed teams but not bikes. It was far easier and cheaper to re-spray and re-decal in a new livery than provide an amateur or semi-pro with new equipment.
Thanks Jim for the clues. Ive been scanning pictures of carré's bikes year by year and it really looks like its a late 60's early 70's as you said. Id say 69/70 but ill keep looking...*

I never mentionned bb shell is RGF, would it ring a bell?

Also the steerer has a piece of wood at the bottom...
I need to get that steerer off the bike and see if theres something stamped on it.

What components would you think it originally came with? Campy nuovo?

Not that im planning to bring it back to original, just curious...
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