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A bike lane or wider shoulders and call it a day. There really just isnít a big need for more. Iíd strongly vote against moving it off of 101(whatís the point if youíre not riding the road along the ocean?) and making a low speed shared road(a lose-lose for bikes and cars as far as Iím concerned. Speaking from experience, I think all of the low speed, speed bump filled roads around Portland are obnoxious whether riding or driving). Making a specific bike lane or wider shoulders(basically the same thing) would make the most sense. It completely solves the sketchy traffic problem and Iíd think would be the easiest and cheapest solution. A shared bike and walking path would probably be OK as long as it wasnít used too heavily by walkers. If it ended up being popular for walking, that would ruin it for biking. Who wants to spend the day riding 3mph weaving through people walking along with no regard for others, probably three people wide taking up the entire path(which is what Will happen without question if itís popular for walking tourists)? Sounds like a pretty good way to ruin a beautiful coastal ride to me. Iíd rather ride the current road.

Keep it cheap and simple as possible. If thereís money left in the budget toss it into the state parks and use it to improve hike/bike camp sites or include washing facilities at the campgrounds. That would be pretty rad to be able to get to the park earlier and spend more time enjoying the parks rather than spending an hour and a half sitting in a laundromat in the middle of the day.
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