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Originally Posted by spinnaker View Post
I was thinking it could sort of be catch as catch can sort of things. Get volunteers to do it. If they are there, you get the shuttle. Otherwise you take the bridge. Marinas have maintenance boats that could be used as ferries. . They might be interested in lending a hand. Not sure how that would shake out for a liability.
I think we have slightly different views of the ferry idea.

I haven't ridden the coastal road much. 30 or so miles around Florence. I did the Florence/Siuslaw bridge, and maybe another one. I don't remember the bridge being a particularly bad experience. It is one of the places I might have taken the sidewalk. I was riding light, no heavy panniers, trailer, etc. I would like to see the government put in more effort to improving cycling access to bridge sidewalks (access points, looping bike paths under the bridge for single side access, widening them, better access around pillars, perhaps railings, etc).

Anyway, I doubt a ferry would be viable running right under a main bridge. although being in the middle of a town might help.

What is the Astoria Columbia bridge like? That might be an exception, and may well be one I would target for a ferry under the bridge.

The places I was imagining using ferries would be 5 miles or so off of the main road, and saving a significant amount of HWY 101 riding. If I was riding the route, I would only turn off the main highway if I was 100% certain the ferry would be there.

And, one would likely have troubles getting volunteers to shuttle bicycles say 150 days a year, every year. Always ready to snag a bicycle should one show up.

So, I would think there would be a benefit of making a much more formal arrangement. Perhaps access road cameras, call buttons, cell phone reservations/appointments, etc.

But, bicycles alone couldn't support the ferries. Just not enough of them willing to pay the rates that would be necessary.

But, if one opened it up to bicycles, pedestrians, harbor crabbing, harbor fishing, local restaurants, local parks, hotels/motels, through camping, etc. One may well be able to support the ferries.

If one could convince the state that each ferry would be equivalent to making 30 miles of bike paths, then the state may well have a vested interest in making it a viable option (land, infrastructure, tax credits, government surplus property, etc).

Hmm... Would vegetarians object to fishing being a secondary purpose of the boats, and perhaps having some live crabs onboard?
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