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When you are looking for a used bike, in a particular size, year, color scheme, etc., be prepared to OVERPAY. Thats how it works. I've overpaid for my red and white Prologue.

When you want to pay market price or below, its best to consider several brands, years, and so on.

A USA bike to an international buyer makes it infinitely more challenging. I sent a frame to New Zealand once. Sold the frame for $175. Shipping was an additional $400......

You need to list your location in your profile. Shipping internationally is a hassle, a lot more handling/loading/unloading. Every time a package is loaded or unloaded, thats where damage tends to occur. Sitting static in a truck or airplane isn't the challenge. Its the handling that does it in. My packing of that frame to New Zealand was much more involved.

And do a seller a favor. Research shipping cost from your end. Assume package will come from Chicago for example. 108 inch box (9x24x42) weighing 15 pounds.

I've stopped doing international shipping research from my end. Invariably, the buyer gets shocked at the cost of shipping and they lose interest.

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