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It is hard for me to imagine state budgets and transportation.

I'd love to see a paved MUP trail along the ocean from Vancouver Canada down to San Diego. 1000 miles at say $500K per mile, and one is quickly up to a half billion dollars. And, still a few bridges and river crossings to deal with. Nonetheless, that would only be a drop in the bucket compared to what the state wants to spend on building a single bridge in Portland.

My experience with cycling along the Katy Trail in Missouri was that there were a lot of cyclists around the big, and even medium sized cities, but they dwindled quickly as one got 20 or 30 miles out.

Building a strong tourist trail along the coast, likely would bring more people. I can't hardly imagine HWY 101 as a "family trail" for cycling. Yet a well thought out trail would likely bring 10x the current interest in riding the coastal route. Perhaps even more.

Add some good park and ride spots along the way, and gateway towns like Florence would get quite a few bicycles and pedestrians, at least for the first few miles along the trail. Until one hits real hills? Maybe plan for wide trails in the cities, and significantly narrower trails in the hillier regions out of town.

I could imagine trails cut into the sides of mountains.

Yet, the Pacific weather may also mean that more sheltered sections of trail might be preferred to always being out in the open.

Still, my experience with simple MUPS around town is that they must be designed for cycling. We've got a few curvy sections with poor visibility that can be dangerous to ride to fast.

Perhaps next summer I'll have to try the rebuilt Columbia trail.
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