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Originally Posted by CV-6 View Post
I know it has been awhile but I only just now got to follow up on this thread.

I cannot agree with your dating. Two reasons. As I stated in my own dating post, the 531 decal used appears starting around 1973. One can say that it might have been put on later, but why would it? It was a chrome bike. It is highly unlikely that it was rechromed and then had the 531 decal placed on it. AFA characteristics, the photo shown has different lugs, lugs often seen in the late 60s early 70s on Lejeune. The lugs on the OP's bike are of a type that I see appearing on 73 and up Carré and Lejeunes. It does share certain production details with the earlier dating, but I believe the lugs and crown as they appear put it later. Save for the windows in the lugs, it is pretty much a dead ringer for a couple of my Lejeunes that are dated 1973 or later.

No matter the date, it is a killer bike and one I would be proud to have in my collection.
Lynn, we are exactly on the same line... Since you and Jim have helped me identify my Elvish, i havent stopped trying to find more info about it. thankfully i know french and can dig on french forums and sites* also. This morning i got back to the reynolds 531 decal, and i agree with you, my frame must have been built between 73 and 77 according to the 531 stickers.*
Reynolds tubing transfers

Althou i have found older Carré frames that are very similar, i have seen quite a few newer that are even more similar. Post 73 Elvish bike frames ive seen, althou not as high end as the chromed exemple were talking about, seem to have* a Carré influence in the way they are assembled..*
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