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Could be the pads or the rims themselves

Try buying some cheap but good pads from Amazon and you'll have an answer to your question.

Originally Posted by Awaqa909 View Post
I've recently got a cheap road bike off amazon, a Vilano aluminum road bike 21 speed 700c. It's not the best built bike and am questioning the quality a little bit. For now, the brakes are pretty bad. (It has rim brakes) I've adjusted them to line up to the rim as best as they will and the braking performance is pretty poor. I have to squeeze with all my might to lock up the rear wheel and the front doesn't seem to do much. (No stoppies or skidding) This actually hurts my hands/wrists/forearm quite a bit to brake hard like that. Stopping from 4mph takes about 10ft. (rough estimate) I think every bicycle (walmart/toysRus MTB) I've ever had has had rim brakes. I remember one I had was just like this, had it for a couple years and when I got a new bike, I had better brakes. (I remember telling my dad about it but I don't think there was any attempt to fix it) We still have one of the old Honda MTB (gotta be 7+ years old now) and the brakes work pretty well. With the amount of force I use on my road bike, would easily lock up the MTB wheels.

The brake pads seem to be turning silver. I've heard about bedding the pads, but it looks like its for disk brakes? I remember looking into this once long ago and it had something to do with the rim material and brake pads? I can't find any info about this now. I'm curious if the brake pads are just junk and I need to replace with better ones.

What do you think?

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