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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
Your mountain bike probably has linear pull/V-brakes, which are very efficient and take less finger pressure than most rim brake types. Hard to compare with sidepull, centerpull and cantilever brakes.

Your road bike appears to have acceptable components (assuming it's this model). Assuming the brakes are adjusted properly it's possible the pads aren't very good. The cheapest good pads I can recommend that are widely available in the US are Jagwire -- you can buy 'em from REI, order online from many sources. I've used other no-name pads that worked fine but I can't recommend them because availability is erratic. In my experience Jagwire pads are as good as Kool Stops at half the price (although Kool Stop has some unique pads like the Eagle 2 for cantilever brakes that aren't available anywhere else).

If the pads are loading up with debris (from the rims, road, etc.), try scrubbing the pads clean. I prefer metal files but some folks use sandpaper and other methods. I don't want to risk any abrasive debris getting lodged in the pads and metal files are easier to clean (although I don't use diamond type files or abrasives). Or a Scotch-Brite scouring pad or something similar. Don't grind away too much pad material or worry about precision -- it's just to get the pad clean and surface relatively matched to the rims. Wipe with isopropyl alcohol and try braking again. Even with good pads this can help. I do it at least once a month and should do it more often.

And double check your assembly against some good tutorials from Park and others online and on YouTube. I review tutorials even with familiar chores to avoid omitting a step and needing to redo the job. Little things like remembering to preset a barrel adjuster to the desired position before setting up a cable, etc.

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