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I want to see what this bike looks like in 100-200KM before I buy too much for it. canklecat, that is very similar. Mine seems to only be from "third-party sellers" now. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (Was only $200 vs a $600+ Trek) It has Side Pull calipers. ...I'm still trying to get them adjusted properly. I think I know how, now. Just taking a quick look at Tektro R539 on Amazon. (no idea if compatible, just quick look) They look pretty solid and good. The bicycle has been assembled by me with the knowledge I know and with the help of youtube (Lots of Park Tool) I come here for the things I'm having issues with. I'm pretty sure the cables are adjusted correctly. I'm pulling the lever about half way to the bars full might trying to stop. Both pads per rim are making full contact. Because I really suspected the pads were junk and had gotten a few replies to get some, I got some. I got Hotop 2 pairs V bike brake Pads with hex nuts and spacers 70mm and Pioneeryao Mxixm brake calipers that seem to have replaceable pad inserts. Both of these were low cost and had good reviews. I put the Hotop on and they are certainly better. They're completely fine for the rear, but I feel they are still slightly lacking for the front. I'm going to try the Pioneeryao on the front tomorrow and see how they do. Looking at the brands some of you gave, have you ever heard of the brands that I bought? (I know I haven't)

I usually ride the hoods as I find the hook position very uncomfortable. But during my testing I was using the hooks to get more leverage. (Need to adjust and find what works best for me)
Hopefully I'll remember to take a better look at the MTB tomorrow.
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