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Originally Posted by lmike6453 View Post
Thanks for the responses, more questions...

How do you manage swapping tires just for one day of snow / ice when the next is warmer and its melted?
Do you swap just the tire or have an entire different wheel set?
Or leave studded on even though its not needed that day and burn the tread up?
I've slid through intersections on my butt, torn up my legs and clothes, and sprained my ankle trying to commute in those conditions. So I either use studs or don't' ride. Its not worth it to not be able to walk/ride for 6 weeks.

I do swap wheels when I need studs. A better solution is just to get a $100 mountain bike off of craigs list and use that on on days I need studs.

And - I find something like the Nokian W160 is a decent winter commuter tire. At higher pressure, I'm on rubber just like a normal tire. At lower pressure, the studs are always on the pavement. Either way, the studs are biting if I'm cornering or starting to go sideways.

One of my biggest surprises was riding to work on a dry sunny day at 33 degrees. Road through a shadow when turning a corner and the shadow contained black ice. I guess the sun had not hit it yet and it was still damp/frozen from over night. Down I went.
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