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Bb drop looks all the same

hey yall so i successfully converted my 26" Pacific mtb to fix geared...luving it so far. but it put 1.5" tire so the BB is lowered that got me always worry of pedal strike.

anyway looking for a better bike now...with BB height in mind. i looked at allot. i look at bikes' profile side... i draw a line between both axle...and then i visualize the distance of the BB axis relative to the line. i am surprise that all the different bikes i look at, road bike, gravel bike, and fixies like Kilo TT, they have have similar BB drop.

so i dont get it. i heard peep say Kilo tt dont have ped strike. is ped strike really not about BB drop?

i guess my theory is it has more to do with shorter crank, narrower Q, or taller tires. so i dont really need a new bike...but just need to tweak these things to prevent ped strike. so heres my strategy:
  • larger wheel, like 27.5.
  • taller tires, like 1.9".
  • reduce the Q, shorter BB spindle length by about 10mm, and use Track crank.
  • shorter crank, like 160 mm

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