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I have never owned a car. I live downtown and rent cars for longer trips when needed. This year, I don't think we rented much (~5-10 times?).
My in-town kilometers have gone up a tiny bit due to us joining a CSA with a pickup location adding about 10km per week. Overall, I wouldn't mind a few more than this year's 4000kms for next year.
I used to use a milk crate to transport groceries, which works fine for up to about 20kg (8 liters of milk, plenty of juice Since we decided to buy water (thanks to us not having access to unsoftened water at home...), rather than drinking softened water, my grocery loads went up significantly (extra 20kg per week), so that the milk crate ultimately broke. We replaced it with a BOB Yak trailer, that is able to carry up to 32kg. I have had it up to that weight already, but overall, it's plenty of carrying capacity for what we need. I might add a milk crate again, just for those days when a trailer is overkill, or when the trailer is not enough.
Winter has started for us, and I am planning to coat the insides of the trailer tubes with double-boiled linseed oil, just to keep the rusting at a lower level. We got the trailer used and there already have been some minor rust spots which I treated.

My GF knitted me some lobster gloves earlier this year - they are very warm!
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