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Yes, that is the normal mode of failure for a road crank. (And it seems right side cranks break more often than left side.)

What caught my attention is the fact that it is a Sugino, especially a Mighty. I've never heard of a Sugino crank breaking, ever. Not saying it doesn't happen, but this is the first one I've heard about. I've put a few miles on them. Rafced a Mighty in the '70s but it only got 9000 miles when I sold the bike. I rode several pairs into the ground on my fix gear, but replacement was dictated by wear on the arm from winter footware. ( have a box of cranks with 1/3 of the material gone at the ball of my foot.

I have witnessed 3 such failure. 2 on Campy NR cranks of unknown age and vintage and an old Avocet with lots of miles and experience. The Avocet was me. Much like teh OP, I came out of the saddle near the top of a rise and just placed my foot on the road, sat down and came to a clumsy stop,, Then clomped around looking for my pedal until I realized it was strapped to my foot. Got to coast downhill 1 mile to my destination: to hang with the guys, and got a ride on one of their pickups. The two Campys both crashed in races when I was on their wheel. They crashed hard. I snaked through unscathed.

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