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This year has involved considerably less walking for me than in years past. Previously, any trip less than three miles one way would see me walking, but a recurring issue with my left knee found me unable to walk much without having an unpleasant Baker's cyst form. Fortunately, I could ride without issue, so ride I did. Maybe that's why both of my ancient town bike frames broke these past few months. That was followed by my wife's trusty old town bike breaking recently. For her, we purchased a new bike. I got one of my frames repaired and now just need to deal with a wheel issue it has.

I have plenty of time to fix the wheel, and will build up a 3-speed fixed-gear bike while I'm at it. I'm off the bike for another week and a half while I heal from the surgical repair of that annoying knee thing. The surgeon told me this was just a warm-up for the knee replacements that are in my future. (I do wish someone would have told me that short folks shouldn't take up dunking basketballs as a hobby unless they are fond of early-onset arthritis.) Turns out, you can both use it and lose it, but I sure am glad I live in a time when joint replacement is a relatively trivial procedure. Three cheers for modern medicine.

I did rent cars a couple of times this year. Once was to visit relatives out of state when the train wasn't running because of a landslide (my spouse can't take a bus; she gets motion sick on them) and once to take a friend to receive surgery at an out of town hospital. That friend also can't take a bus or even a train. In fact, the surgery was for a vestibular disorder (inner ear). She's motion sick without even moving.

Cars are a nice back-up tool, but I wouldn't want to use them much more than I do. I'm really not sure what people see in them.
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