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Originally Posted by PaigeV View Post
This neon, hot pink Tesch S-22 bike has been hanging in my garage, unridden, for at least 14 years. Fourteen years ago I rode it one time, and prior to that it sat unridden for probably 11 years. I am the original owner and loved this bike when I was riding regularly with a group in Philadelphia for a year or two. I could never bring myself to get rid of it. Thirty years and four kids later, I am ready to say good-bye.

I have absolutely no idea of what value to put on it? I swapped out the handlebars in the early '90s in an effort to save my back, and swapped the seat at the same time in an effort to save my ability to have children ;-) Otherwise I think it is all original. Never had an accident, no problems. The paint has faded, but is original.

Any idea of its value? Also, any idea how I can post photos in here since I have not made 10 posts yet?
You may upload your pics to an image hosting site and post a link here. Otherwise you need 10 posts in order to upload directly on this site.
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