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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
For nearly a couple decades ca 1948-1968 most of the better quality Idéale saddles were available in two grades, the "type record" and the "professionel." The leather is the latter was treated to make it waterproof and "indeformable." The "professionel" had an aluminum badge affixed to the back, each with a unique serial number. The lowest numbers I've seen were around 4000, on saddles from the late 40's, and i don't remember the highest numbers. Maybe a quarter of a million? Anyway, the saddles that came in both versions had similar stamps; but the "type record" saddle stamps just have incuse letters, while the "professionel" stamps have an impressed background with raised letters.* Both of these were common on* model numbers 48 through 65 or so. On the early ones the manufacturer is identified as FT, on later ones TB.

Sometime in the 60's they gave up on the serial numbers.

"Special Competition" was another treated leather option, and it may have replaced the "professionel" treatment. Hard to tell after fifty years.
I bought a 92 in 1984 in a local bike shop. *Aside from what I've read on line over the years since then, that's the only actual fact I have. *How does this fact fit in? *Should I be able to discern whether my saddle is a Record or a Professionel? *And what if myne also has the Daniel Rebour designation.

Were they model numbers, or serial numbers. *My saddle does not have a serial number, as far as I can tell.
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