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Originally Posted by smontanaro View Post
Also proves I need to inspect things more frequently.
glad that you didn't end up getting hurt... it's too easy to think of ways where this could have ended up much worse.

As far as inspections, I have to admit that in this era of sealed bearings, it's easy to let many years pass without pulling things apart and looking at them closely.
Any ideas what a dangerous crack looks like at the pedal eye?? If it is clearly visible under a quick inspection, that's probably a good enough reason to retire it. Do we have a guess whether we can even see a crack that would justify retiring the crank? i.e. should we be using the dye to check for cracks every couple of years, or every 5000 miles, perhaps??

I like to think that I'm pretty easy on parts; i.e. not heavy and not strong, so I generally don't worry about breaking stuff. However, I suspect that Skip isn't any heavier than me, so maybe I need to be more conscious about pulling the cranks off periodically for inspection??

Steve in Peoria
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