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Originally Posted by avole View Post
I like folding bikes, as you know, Abu, but my experience is limited to Brompton and one other brand. They are highly manouverable, easy to take where you want on the planet, but you do pay for it. Given rough or unmade roads, they quickly make walking a better option, and at speed they can be downright dangerous. Now that airlines have cottoned on and are charging for them, I'm seriously thinking about taking my Bianchi next time I visit SE Asia. You always deny it, but I and others get the feeling you haven't tried a 700C size wheel touring racing bike.

Last time I went to Bali I used my old and sadly long gone drop handle barred Peugeot, and it was much better than the others who had foldng bikes and whatever, if only for the gears. But you, of course, would think that impossible.
Of course, I've tried, ownned big wheel bikes, mostly though not exclusively 26" MTB. In fact, one if my builds in progress is a 29er. Here is the wheelset...

Now as for your folder experience, by your own admission you've only used a 349-wheel Bromptom and Brompton clone (with tires pumped to triple digits, again by your own admission. Brompton & Bromoton clone, really extensive experience there), so frankly you have little perspective on the gamut of the segment.

As for your Bali posirive experience with a big bike, I l am confused because by your own admission elsewhere you failed to make it up to Kintamani and ended up taking the bus, yet I have pedalled up there on a folder, and here you claim that your big bike has better gearing. It is the smaller, not the bigger wheel that is at an advantage when it comes to lower gearing which is what is needed for the volcanic inclines of Bali. I should know for I live and cycle there. So, hard to believe you, yes, with so many inconsistencies flying around, sorry.

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