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Originally Posted by Domromer View Post
Hey Guys, Just curious have a lot of car free or car lite people bought electric bikes? Just curious if this market segment were into ebikes. It seems like it would make car free living that much easier. If this subject has been beaten to death here already I apologize. I've not been on this forum in the past few years.
Those who are already carfree today did so without an ebike. In fact, most of the country who are carfree don't even use a bicycle and it's highly unlikely they will spend over 1K on a motorized bike.

I was thinking about buying a DIY kit and build one up buy why spend the money? If I'm already carfree for close to 20 years, there's no need to waste money. I would like to see the e-bike create more carfree cyclists but people who are buying them are into mountain biking or commuting and are car dependent!

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