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Originally Posted by avole View Post
Sorry, folders on unmade roads are accidents waiting to happen, and your picture shows a decent road surface.
A good part of my daily Brompton commute is on gravel and part is on pretty rotten city streets. I havenít run into a problem yet. Overall, I find the Brompton (m6r) to be excellent for what it is. Although Iíve been able to set up the grips, pedals and saddle locations pretty close to my Rivendell, it is an entirely different experience. Initially, I thought it was rough and twitchy to ride. Eventually, you kind of adapt a slightly different riding style for the Brompton. Turning is all about the lean rather than excessive turning of handlebars. The suspension smooths things out a bit but itís very bouncy. I use a firm cushion tighten down and that helps.
- folds up easily to go anywhere (grocery carts, buses, coat checks, under tables, car trunk, etc)
- the touring bag holds a lot which makes it great for running errands such as grocery and hardware runs
- the low bar makes it really easy to get on and off of.
- broad range of sizing so my wife and houseguests can borrow it.

- feels like it is about 10-20% more work to pedal. However, the 16Ē wheels take off fast from a light but once you get rolling, itís more work.
- Shifters feel cheap. I would love to machine some nice aluminum shifters for the Brompton (think Paulís)
- the rear tire is a little more challenging to change

Iíve also ridden Bike Fridayís NWT and Tikit and found them to be a little smoother ride. When it came to buying, I went with the Brompton for the much tighter fold.

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