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Originally Posted by Bonzo Banana View Post
I guess it depends where you are though. Here in the UK perhaps not surprisingly Bromptons seem the most common folding bike you see out and about. I've never seen a Bike Friday on the roads and I'm not sure I've ever seen a modern Dahon bike on the road although did see one of their classic bikes recently. Most other folding bikes I've seen are vintage like Raleigh Twenties or just entry level models. I would say the majority of bicycles you see out and about on the roads are often mountain bikes closely followed by typical road bikes and hybrids. Many might say the most interesting road or mountain bikes are high end models too but I'm fairly sure the vast majority of bikes sold in the UK are quite low priced with Brompton being a rare exception.

Amazon best sellers shows most folding bikes they sell are bottom end models but I don't think they represent high sales compared to normal bikes and as you get down the list sales dramatically drop off in comparison to those at the top.

This being a bicycle forum with people very enthusiastic about bikes are more likely to understand the perils of such cheap bikes and set their sights a little higher.


My point is where you are in the world might dictate your perspective on folding bikes to some degree. Dahon means very little over here and Bike Friday even less so. Realistically over here with very limited spaces for full size bikes on trains and no space at all for such bikes on buses Bromptons really dominate as folding bikes for commuters.
Well, that's exactly it, ain't it? Most people here live in a region of the world with extremely limited knowledge, acceptance and availability of folders, yet they lack the self-awareness of that fact, and pontificate as if they are authorities on folding bikes, when all they know is Brompton (and Brompton clones in the case of Avole) and Bike Friday.
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