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Originally Posted by phantomcow2
yep . My dad loves old Mercedes, you should see the rest of the basement....
He basically took apart an old car, sold off the junk and kept hte body!
It looks like one from a 240D from the '70s. My dad had one, four-speed manual with the 65hp Diesel engine, and drove it ~60mi round-trip to work in Alaska. We also towed a house trailer with it up and down the Alaska Highway to Minnesota and other places. What an indomitable little car... 283000 miles including trailer towing, slogging through deep snow with heavy crossbar-reinforced chains in Alaskan winters, hitting a steer on the road in North Dakota at night (and surviving it)... tough little workhorse In the end, the splines on the rear axle joints were too worn and we sold it to a scrap yard. But it fired up when it was finally time to go.
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