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IMO if you're good a couple of inches past the braze on or drop out is all you need to strip before brazing. This will grow about another inch with finishing. If you're less skilled that add a couple more inches. Heat Sink Paste or wet rags can limit the heat travel up the stays during take apart (which is hotter then the rebrazing is). So for the drop out expect a min of 3" of each stay needing painting and 6" of the blades with a mid mounted boss.

I would strongly suggest a complete take apart of all components. Makes handling, torch aiming mistakes, paint spray things much more straight forward and less mistake prone. Also makes positioning for/during brazing less involved. Ever done any floor refinishing? It's a lot easier if the furniture is moved out of the room. Andy

Specifically to the BB, yes remove it so you can soak out the flux from inside the chain stay.
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