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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
This has nothing to do with ebikes. If you're going to talk about whatever it is you're talking about here, please start a new thread rather than hijacking this one. Have some courtesy for a change.
If people are talking about how cars are recycled instead of ending up in landfills, is it not appropriate to mention in that context that the land paved for cars to drive and park on are not recycled? I wouldn't have said what I said randomly in the thread, but if the topic of waste is being discussed, why should I avoid mentioning land waste?

If you wouldn't start a side-discussion about it and call it 'hijacking,' it would have just been one post response to a series of comments about waste. Now because you've called me out, that invites a response, and you and three other people will end up responding to my response, and that unfolding of posts will end up hijacking the thread.

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