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Originally Posted by IAmSam View Post
Yes, Campy definitely does not make track cogs anymore, but as in everything else Campagnolo it seems like there is an unending supply of NOS ones like you see in Leukybear's EAI link, or the OP's ebay link; and if one searches just a little there are many to be had for a lot less than that seller's price. And it is important to keep in mind that along the way, besides alloy track cogs - Campag has also produced lots of Alu cassettes too, so they do know how to work with it.
Indeed! Which leads to the mystique and "tax" on their componentry.
Campy was one of the pioneers of aluminum back then. Collaborating with NASA before and there's Lamborghini wheels engineered and produced by them back when aluminum was not widely used in mainstream production as a primary material.

Due to the nature of aluminum, I still feel its metallic properties do not make it the ideal material to withstand the stresses created by a track drivetrain. Not really up to the task of withstanding back-pressure created by inertia created of the wheels long term; which on a road bike are entirely eliminated by a freewheel mechanism.
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