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Originally Posted by ollo_ollo View Post
Have not had a really uncomfortable leather saddle so far. My 1st Brooks was a thoroughly broken in B72 that came on my Raleigh Sports Commuter back in 1980. The deep indents happened to align with my sitz bones and was very comfortable. Had many B17's and a few Pro's over the years. A rumor that Brooks was going under led me to stock up on B17 Std. or Champion models. The Std. models all had slightly thinner leather than the Champions, and broke in within 300 to 400 miles of riding. The heavier leather on the Champion models takes much longer, months & miles, although pretty comfortable from day 1.

Another French brand is Pryma: I got a parts bike that had Campagnolo pedals and a French Pryma leather saddle. I used both on my Grand Jubile for a while. The Pryma has thinner leather than a Std. B17, but similar comfort. The thin leather gives a suspended on a "hammock" feel.

Here are 2 pics taken after a few years use. It's been on different bikes over the years. Recently, one of the rivets has begun to tear out. So it may become a wall hanger now. I'll add a current pic so you can see how it has held up. Don

I recently sold to another BF member a Pryma that had originally come on a Stella SX 73. My first wife bought the bike new around 1976 but always complained about how hard it was, so it was replaced by a women's Avocet BITD. Later replaced the wife, too !
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