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Originally Posted by flx100 View Post

Happy New Year!
so you say Campagnolo definitely does NOT make track cogs anymore, while the first reply says yes they are legit... which is it?
I personally have a suspicion EAI is making them. I have some of their cogs and they’re great. Could they be producing campy branded cogs?
I also was trying to build an all Italian bike...
There's warehouses full of new-old-stock Campagnolo that's unsold.
Per a member here who is one of EAI's largest dealer accounts and took a tour of their warehouse, Euro Asia Imports actually has one of the largest stocks of new-old-stock Campagnolo for the high rollers that wish to kick it Campy like it's 1970-present.

To put it in prospective it's like buying a 1986 vintage wine in 2019.
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