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2018 was first year of living without a car for me and my family. I commuted by bike for January (actually started September Ď17) carpooled with my brother to work from February until July, and have been doing it by bike again since. My wife changed jobs a couple times, progressively closer to home, work is now a ten minute walk or 3 minute bike ride for her. My job is still 12 miles, an hour each way. Itís a lot to do every day but I still like it. I got my first set of studded tires at the beginning of December but itís been unseasonably mild since. We used Uber/Lyft several times and like it. My wife pretty often borrows cars from friends for grocery store trips. We have a grocery store 2 miles away and easily accessible by bike but preferred store is about 7 miles and I think she just likes to do the shopping that way. I think she wants to get a small pickup truck this year, and thatís fine. Our lifestyle has changed quite a bit. Iíll probably stay car free until I canít ride anymore. I donít miss the cost or headaches of vehicle ownership.
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