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Firstly, many of us are considered as cycling enthusiast so its understandable when we defend an activity and others don't necessarily follow your thinking or ways. And bicycles solely human powered are not going away.

I 100% encourage the E bike and as it comes in many configurations and application. Right now the cycling market in the US is pretty bad. Many dealers have to dig deeper to survive. The e bike may or may not work for them but they shouldn't shun. The parts stock and availability are poor, technical servicing is another problem area. Rapidly changing, evolving with no standards.

Then we have the anti cyclist mentals in this country -good luck newbie E bikers. We have a long way for acceptance. That's a political arena and of useless laws or lack of enforcing throughout the States.

Europe and Asia are flourishing with e bikes. But they've always had 'the bike as mode of daily life' and accepted as normal vehicle transportation.

Our family has seemingly been into electric vehicles of special interest. Restored a '1912' Detroit Electric auto. It accomplished a special event in hilly MN of over 100 miles. My brother and I back in 1992 built a full electric concept snowmobile for an exposition. He still has it. A brother in law has an all electric CitiCar from the mid 1970s and fully made in the USA. Novelty transportation machines but all kind of fun and interesting.

Back to E bikes. The sport of MTB e bikes is one I didn't grasp at but do have a friend / former Natnl. Motocross champ. Seniors who's getting into it.

There's many people whom haven't been on a bike for years and for whatever reasons but I think these pedal assist type will quickly convert those and get them off the sofa.


I'm building up a VINTAGE Schwinn World with a high output mid-mount peddle assist. Won't elaborate but its going to be the bike many will hate but really WANT.

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