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Originally Posted by seamuis View Post
Lol to the long winded defences of these sprockets, just because they’re campagnolo. Exactly what I expected. I’m not hating on campagnolo. I’m sure they’re well made and it makes no difference personally what anyone buys, but if you bought one, you’d still be paying over 200 chips for a sprocket that isn’t going to be as good long term as even the cheapest of steel sprockets. That of course, means you’d be buying it for exactly the reason i said: simply because it says campagnolo.
There are bicyclists who are in it just for biking, the fun, the exercise, and then there are bicyclists who are in it for the collector hobby, the aesthetics of, say, vintage Italian steel bikes etc. I respect both.
So when people are paying insane amounts of money for NOS campy parts, i get it. The argument about what's best value is irrelevant

Anyways, these sprockets are neither vintage campy nor good value it seems!
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