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Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
Great to make it into 2019 for me and Machka. That was yesterday for those of us who are among the leaders in the world. It was windy where we are staying to a point that bike riding wasn't really that attractive to me -- so we did a 7.2km walk of the two historic farming properties where we are. Bicycling planned today with the hope I can get a decent 40km ride over part of one of our Audax courses. Wind has dropped to nothing, which is a great thing.

Thanks for the good wishes for me from various guys and gals here last year. They have meant much to me in the recovery process. Machka continues to reveal some of the stuff that went on while I was way off in La-La-Land (actually almost dead) and suffering post-traumatic amnesia for over five weeks, and then around nine-months (and ongoing) of recovery to body and brain..

Have great year, everyone.
I'm happy to see you and @Machka usher in 2019, @Rowan. Happy New Year to you two, and I look forward to your continued progress.
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It's never about getting comfortable. It's about getting capable.
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