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Waiting on technology.

I want a hidden or minimally intrusive 30mph system for limited C+V use. Crater Lake kicks my a** even with this.

That is not going to change much moving forward regardless. More power will help. I would ride more challenging rides and miles with help. I have never had anything for hills and it doesn't take much to slow me way down, which kills a lot of potentially great riding for me.

Eventually I will get a dedicated ebike for some of the riding, it will prolong and perpetuate my riding a great deal in the long run. No plan to fully embrace it and I will limit it as much as possible once it happens so that it is not any more necessary than it needs to be by doing it under my own power as much as I can.

Another big factor in this for me is Ms. better half will need one to ride the kind and amount of miles that she should be doing and that I have failed to facilitate successfully so far, hopefully it's not to late. She has several maladies that limit her riding.

All that being said, they should have no place where they can create any conflict be it MUP's, bike lanes, sidewalks or otherwise.

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