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Originally Posted by flx100 View Post
There are bicyclists who are in it just for biking, the fun, the exercise, and then there are bicyclists who are in it for the collector hobby, the aesthetics of, say, vintage Italian steel bikes etc. I respect both.
So when people are paying insane amounts of money for NOS campy parts, i get it. The argument about what's best value is irrelevant

Anyways, these sprockets are neither vintage campy nor good value it seems!
problem with this right here, is ďit.Ē One of these is actually cycling, the other is collecting. The two arenít the same, but youíre conflating, to defend something that isnt being a ďbicyclistĒ. However, regardless of what your intentions are, it doesnít refute my argument, so Iíll say it a third time: if you buy a $200 aluminium campagnolo sprocket, you did so only because it said campagnolo. Period. If you do that and then actually ride on it, youíve wasted $200. If youíre a collector with that kind of money to burn, then great. Either road anyone chooses is indeed as irrelevant as cost/value opinion. But collecting isnít cycling. So buying a useless overpriced sprocket isnít about cycling, because itís only priced that way precisely because itís campagnolo.

None of this matters though, because an aluminium fixed sprocket is useless junk, regardless of price or engraved name. Thatís the point of my position. No amount of conflation or long winded defence of something that isnít cycling, changes that fact. Cheers, mate.
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