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Originally Posted by uncle uncle View Post
I've seen, heard, and made up a few predictions that 2019's biggest general bicycle news will be the increase of ebikes.
I read this in disbelief. Just how many more ebikes do you want sold in a year before saying that it's the year of ebikes? The streets, or rather the sidewalks, are already crawling with them. Or anyway they are here, in Tokyo.

I'm an old fart, so old that I could without shame ride an ebike. I don't ride one and I don't want to. However, I'm strongly in favour of them. It's hilly here, and mothers -- and occasionally fathers, though Japan is still very sexist -- routinely transport their whelps on ebikes. If they didn't do so, they wouldn't do so on hundred-percent-human-power-bikes. No, more of them would do so by car. And not just those fascinating little cars whose ingenious design might reasonably be celebrated, but instead monstrosities such as the Toyota "Alphard" aka "Vellfire":

These gaudily chromed executive hearses are remarkably numerous in Tokyo. I'd rather be next to ten ebikes than be next to one "Alphard". And a bonus: I wouldn't be next to those ten ebikes, because most of their riders are too sensible/timid to ride together with cars. (No, there are no bike lanes. Not riding with cars means they ride with pedestrians.)

And no, if somebody riding an ebike overtakes me and I can't keep up, I don't feel that my manhood (etc) is threatened.
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