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Originally Posted by Pirkaus View Post
Ok, time to get serious, WARNING! cycling content.

One week in with my Kickr Snap and I really love/hate this thing.
I love the real road and climbing feel. Workout sessions without constant shifting to hit power targets.
I hate it, because it shows me exactly how pathetic a cyclist I am.
My new FTP is 90% of what it was.
I'm right there with you except 1) I never knew what my FTP is/was and 2) at this point I KNOW I'm pathetic, so no disappointment on that end.

Speaking of FTP, Strava is giving me an estimated FTP, but I'm not sure if it's basing it off of the convoluted data from my old rides without a power meter or if it's only basing it off of my Zwift rides. I could do an FTP test, but I thought I would at least do 2-3 weeks of just riding again until I feel decent.

But this has been pretty great for me. Are you doing some sort of Wahoo training app thing or are you also doing the Zwifting? I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy Zwift. One of those situations where I am so happy to be wrong about my initial impressions. I did the 13 mile London ride last night not realizing that it had a good sized climb on the 2nd to last quarter or the ride. I was proud of myself for grinding it out without stopping. That's why the Zwift setup is so great for me. If I had some stopwatch and paper in front of me, I would have just given up, but to see the map and know you are inching towards the end, it's enough to keep me on it and push myself.
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