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Don't own a Rivendell, never rode one.

Still the conclusion is clear to anyone not living with blinders on. It is a company that has or soon will outlive it's window of relevance. Rivendell almost exactly mirrors another American company, Harley Davidson. Harley is the greatest motorcycle ever built or a hopelessly outdated relic depending on who you ask. The Motor Company has been taking it on the chin the last few years, because it went all in on the "we're right and everyone of those idiots buying a different design is beneath our contempt" H-D was guided for the last several decades by an ego-maniac that thought he was a genius. The true reason for their huge success from 1984 -2006 had nothing to do with who was running the company and everything to do with baby-boomers flush with cash and deep feeling of nostalgia. Harley's core base group is dying off fast, and they made the huge mistake of alienated the next generations by treating them like they were idiots.
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