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HD doesn't treat others that ride other brands like idiots. Really they don't do that. I ride Italian motorbikes and have always been comfortable around HD riders when I see them. Nice people ride Harleys, too. HD, along with the other bike makers, missed the mark by pushing larger and larger machines on the market. The Japanese brands have been able to respond quicker than HD as they already produce small displacement bikes for other markets and have been able to adapt them to the US market. The other thing the Japanese makers have is the four-wheeler. The saving grace of machines for these manufacturers. They have some sharp people running those companies, and they saw the four-wheeler as an emerging market and adopted it quickly.

All of the motorcycle companies are suffering sales loss. Not as many young people ride motorbikes as the boomer generation did. If they do, they want scooters and small displacement bikes, not 1400cc monsters. HD's electric bike is a mistake, but it will be a learning tool for them and the rest of the market.

How does this relate to Rivendell? It doesn't. That is the point here.
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